Super Crate Box Review

Super Crate Box is gold. That is all you need to know. Go buy it now if you don’t have it. You will not regret it. Unless, of course, you hate games that give a challenge. Otherwise, if you are a true iOS gamer, get it now. Actually, come to think of it, Super Crate Box is much more than gold. It’s closer to, say, a house made out of gem quality diamonds. Yea, it’s that good. Almost. Well, I’d rather have the house. But Super Crate Box is just SO MUCH FUN.

Now that that’s out, on to the actual review. Super Crate Box is an extremely addicting, but difficult platforming game that has recently been ported from the PC to iOS by Vlambeer and with the help of Halfbot. There’s some controversy surrounding the game, relating to the, as some call it, “clone” called Muffin Knight. It is actually more accurately, “heavily inspired” by Super Crate Box, as it still does have its own flair. After being delayed a few times, it has finally made it to iOS. This isn’t a shoddy port either. Instead, this is a near perfect port, tailored perfectly to iOS.

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2011 Flashback

2011 was a great year for us iOS gamers and unfortunately we started our site a little late into the year. So, I’ve decided to make this flashback which will mention some of my favorite games of last year. We will also be putting up a small game guide for last year as well, and it may or may not include the titles mentioned in this post.

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By goofyjmaster

Lumi Review

Alright,  I’m going to make this quick because it was part of the 2011 line-up, and we’re trying to get into 2012 mode. Well…I’ll at least try to make it quick.

Anyways, I picked Lumi to be one of the reviews I decided to bring over into the New Year because I found it to be…well… just absolutely friggin’ amazing. Anybody that knows me over at Touch Arcade knows that I’m a pretty big plaftormer junkie. With that being said, I think I’ve found my favorite platformer at the moment. I want to shout from the rooftops about how amazing this game is, so…

Lumi by Foundation Games came out in December and was one of those gems that gets lost amongst the sheer amount of releases. Luckily, it was recommended to me by a fellow peer on the site. From gameplay to design, the game is just done perfectly. Alright…alright, I’ll get into the regular part of the review. I really just had to get all that of of my chest!

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By goofyjmaster

Ice Rage Review

Starting off this review, I want to make a confession. I only played the game for a total of about 30 minutes. Why? Well, here are some things you might assume:

I was lazy.

The game was terrible.

The game didn’t work on my iPod.

I was too busy to put any time into it.

I got sucked in by another game.

To all of these, the answer is yeeaa-notsomuch.

I actually used a road trip to get in my gaming for this game. During that road trip, i spent as much time as i needed on this game. It runs beautifully, plays beautifully, and is a ton of fun. So why did I only spend 30 minutes on the game, you ask?

The answer is simple. There’s simply no content in the game.

Mountain Sheep is famous for their refined gameplay mechanics. And they really nail these here, with two players in the rink for each team, a goalie and the guy you shoot with. Forgive my knowledge of hockey terminology. But anyways, when playing easier difficulties, the goalie is computer controlled and you control the other guy. When you choose hard, the movements of both your guy and the goalie coincide with your movement of the stick. The controls are very refined. In fact, they’re the Minigore controls if you used autoaim. Aiming is conducted in the same direction as you’re moving. The A button (auto-aim if you’re still thinking of Minigore) either shoots or, if you don’t have the puck, checks the opposing player. The gameplay is short and quick, although it becomes clear quickly how to score every time. The goalie stays on the same side of the goal as you are, so just stay on that side, and shoot to the opposite side of the goal, and you will score every time. All this together creates a flawed, but fast-paced and fun gameplay style.

There is, to use this beautiful gameplay, 2 modes. A single player, scrimmage type of deal, and a local multiplayer mode. There is no online multiplayer, and no campaign or special modes to find. Even worse, there are no stats kept even, so this can’t even be regarded as a highscore game. Even worse than that, the iPod/iPhone are way too small for local multiplayer, even though it would be amazing on iPad. You’ll find yourself bored of the single player quickly, and the multiplayer will be little use if you’re using a smaller device.

Overall, I can not honestly recommend this game unless it gets a major content update.

Rating: 4/10

get it here:

Tongue Tied Review

The big question I’ve seen following this game around is, “is it a puzzler, a platformer, or a puzzle platformer?” Well it’s really none of the above. Tongue Tied seems to be a physics platformer and a good one at that!

The game starts out with you meeting the lovable duo Mick & Ralph as you learn the new style of gameplay through an interactive tutorial. The tutorial actually takes up the first set of levels as you learn all about pinging and doggie hopping.

After you get through the first few levels you will find out that the despite the cute graphics, the game is definitely an intense platformer requiring you to really work for your doggie medals. Tongue Tied definitely requires mastery of the mechanic and knowledge of the level layout to get all of the the medals. There’s really no needed deep thought about how do I get this or that. You just have to use your quick finger reflexes to and ping ans swipe your two little buddies to victory.

So how exactly does the game play? Since being on iOS, I’ve  seen a lot of mixed game types. This one seems to fit that bill as well. The game is a platformer where you have to jump to different platforms and collect all of the dog tags to achieve total victory. However, you don’t control your duo directly; they advance from left to right on their own, and you use physics based pinging and swiping to get to the end of the level and collect everything  . So, I ask myself is this a side scroller with no control over movement or is it a runner/platformer hybrid?

Anyways, you will spend most of your time jumping over gaps and looking out for the upcoming dog tags. When you see them you will use the desired method of attaining them, whether it be swinging , pinging, or just simply walking into them. The true difficulty lies in how fast the dogs move. If you make a mistake the game is very unforgiving. That one failed attempt at getting the dog tags will usually result in you watching them disappear as you advance forward. Other than the unforgiving level speed and level deign, everything seems to work smoothly and after some intimate time with the game you’ll be pinging your way to a gold medal every time…well, not every time.

Rating: 8/10 and a fun new take on platforming

App Link: Tongue Tied (universal) – Requires iOS 3.0 or later

By goofyjmaster

iDamaged Review

iDamaged by The Red Thing is an action packed shooter. The game plays as a side scroller where you move your mech war machine from left to right on what seems to be a war torn (possibly post apocalyptic) city. You will be trying to destroy enemy vehicles as you advance. There will be choppers, tanks, battle ready humvees, cargo trucks, and more.

To kick off the review part I have to say that the game would be a whole lot more awesome if I didn’t see this 70% of the time I try to play!

iPod Touch 4 Graphical Glitch

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By goofyjmaster


Sorry about the break in content, to those of you who are reading. Goofy and I have been really busy recently, especially with the holidays. Now, we’re back and running again. Expect to get hit by a giant wave of overdue content. That is all.

Sonic CD Review

By now, you all have heard about Sonic CD’s release on iOS. If not, and you’re a fan of Sonic CD, then check it out right now, as you’re going to love it. With Christian Whitehead’s retro engine, the game runs smoothly, has good, responsive, controls, and looks awesome and optimized. However, if you’re new to Sonic in general, like I admittedly was, you may want to hold up for a second. Despite grabbing many excellent marks from many nostalgic reviewers, I just couldn’t wrap my head around the game.

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Infinity Blade II: the Nonreview

Hey guys, I know that those of you that check our site have noticed the absence of an Infinity Blade II review. I just wanted to let you guys know, that neither of us have been able to get the game running. We both have iPod Touch 4th gens, and are both having problems. All I can say is, I’m sorry about not being able to give you guys a review, but I recommend staying away if you have a 4th gen iPod touch, despite the amazing reviews it has received. I’ll post an actual review once I get access to an iPad 2, which should be in the next week.

Coming Tonight! – 12/14/11

Once again, it’s Wednesday. And so, once again, at 11 o’clock PM EST (which is actually going to be within 5 minutes of this being published), new releases are going to be popping up on the Appstore. This week is like all December weeks; packed full of amazing titles. So many, in fact, that it’s impossible to play all of them. Which is why it’s good that I have Goofy to help me! Anyways, here are the games and links. The most popular ones and the ones that are probably going to be reviewed by us are at the top. I will include videos and descriptions tomorrow.

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